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RollaWord Versions

This is the default version. It uses an English dictionary.

This month's theme is flowers. In those 16 letters a name of a flower is randomly hidden. Find the name of the flower and earn 50 bonus points.

Have fun!

Like the English Version above but 6 vowels are guaranteed to show. This makes it easier to kids.

Contains short words and only requires letter recognition.

Beginner A

Same as Beginner A but word pronounciation differs slightly.

Beginner B

Contains words with double letters.

Intermediate A

Contains words with "sh", "gh", and words ending in "y".

Intermediate B

Contains words with silent letters and obscure spelling.


Know when to use "feet" instead of "foot".

Singular VS Plural

Help Veronica save her animals from predators and the perils of nature.

Version en español

Esta versión utiliza el diccionario español.

Español Para Niños

Al igual que la versión en español, pero 6 vocales están garantizados para mostrar.

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